Beach Permit: draft issued by FDEP and public notice posted – why haven’t we been told?

Why would the PLCA Board chose to deliberately neglect to advise the residents on this most important occurrence of the beach renourishment/stabilization project?

On August 25, 2012 The Pelican Landing Community Association posted a Public Notice in the News-Press stating the Department of Environmental Protection gives notice of its intent to issue a joint coastal permit (File No. 0166092-001-JC) and grant a letter of consent and private easement to use sovereign submerged lands to Pelican Landing Community Association … Petitions filed by any persons other than the applicant … must be filed within 14 days of publication of the notice …

Half of that 14 day time frame has already gone by!  Surprise!

Did the PLCA Board meet behind closed doors before posting this notice?

What aspects of this expensive and important project create questions?

Stay tuned — A list of questions and concerns with the present state of this project will be posted shortly.

Posted by: Anne Cramer

3 thoughts on “Beach Permit: draft issued by FDEP and public notice posted – why haven’t we been told?

  1. there are some really anti people…against anything…and everything…so sad to go thru life looking for negatives to carry on about..

  2. Many people mirror the sentiments of the writer urging everyone to defeat this beach restoration project. The financial, insurance, esthetic, etc issues are overwhelming yet most residents seem unaware of these NOT unimportant details.

  3. Based on the info provided, this is a lose/lose project, I urge everyone to defeat this beach restsoration project

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