Why Can’t Pelican Landing Employees and Pelican Landing Residents Be Friends?

Recently a Pelican Landing employee was reported to management for going into a resident’s condo on his own time to help fix a water problem.  To the person that reported this to management shame on you.  It’s none of your business what an employee does on his/her own time. 

  I know an employee has to sign a contract when hired by Pelican Landing.  These contracts are from the WCI days of running Pelican Landing.  Why would anyone want to use WCI management contracts?  Look at the shape WCI is in today.  Management has taken a win-win situation, (residents save money hiring someone and the employee can earn extra money on his/her own time), and turned it into a lose-lose situation.  Could management/PLCA board be in violation of fair labor laws?  We do live in a democracy, not a dictatorship.  Most residents of Pelican Landing are retired.  We are not a corporation where residents are trying to “brown nose” employees for promotions and/or pay raises or vice versa.
What should be more of a concern for management is employees required to do work for their supervisors while on Pelican Landing time but unrelated to Pelican Landing.
Our employees are on the front line everyday dealing with residents and visitors, handling problems, and representing Pelican Landing, not management/PLCA board.  If these employees feel threatened by the contracts they had to sign I doubt if you have happy employees who are going to give you 100% everyday.
Thanks to all employees for jobs well done.  We do appreciate all you do to make Pelican Landing a better place to live.
Here is a suggestion that will blow management/PLCA board minds.  Put on the Pelican Landing web-site a list of employees/residents that have a talent (handy man, sewing, painter, etc.) and/or services (home watch, airport runs, real estate, etc.) that residents use.  This would be helpful to residents.
I am a resident of Pelican Landing.  If I am fortunate to develop a friendship with a Pelican Landing employee I should be able to invite him/her to go to dinner with a group, go a sporting event, come to my home for dinner, etc. without fear that the employee will lose his/her job.
Why can’t we be friends?
Submitted by: Tom Curley

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  2. I agree with Mr. Curley on all the issues he stated. Is the board here to help us have a better life or to see how they can make life in Pelican Landing more adversarial?

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