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Just Curious
Let me get this straight.  There is apparently an employee policy that prohibits Pelican Landing employees from entering into financial arrangements for services to residents, even it they are performed outside of employment hours.  OK, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make the residents aware of this so that they don’t inadvertently get employees in trouble?
And if there is such a policy, why doesn’t it apply to the tennis director, who violates this policy every time he gives a lesson to residents?  Remember, his job description requires 20 hours per week of work (for compensation of more than $100,000 per year for those 1,000 hours, plus lesson income), and it does not include tennis lessons as his responsibility, so he must be working off the clock in giving lessons.
How many different employee and tax regulations are being violated on a daily basis there?

4 thoughts on “Re: Employees and Relationships with Residents

    • And now no cash is to be handled by the staff at the Tennis Center–yet Dave still handles cash for his lessons and clinics (his own private business while working as the Pro for the residents)…and uses our court! No percentage back to the Tennis Center. Duh! We need to speak up

  1. The PLCA board members should look inward … for example: PLCA Board member/Treasurer, Pat Smart, runs a classified website promoted by the official PLCA website (with a direct link) whereby she receives revenue directly. How inappropriate since board members are prohibited from receiving compensation for their position as board members. While this was brought to the attention of the board (with no response) and, while it may not be illegal – it is unseemly. And this begs the question … is Ms. Smart compensated for her participation in the Trivia games?
    Consider the fact that Trainers at the Fitness Center must contribute a portion of their income … where is the logic and where is the integrity?

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