Privacy Gates

From: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I understand our leaders are considering pedestrian gates at our entrances, estimated to have an initial cost of $60,000. I think privacy gates would provide a much needed security supplement to the unmanned drones that were recently acquired. However, I will not feel safe until we also implement retina scanners, DNA sampling and old-fashioned alligator-filled moats, higher fences and razor wire. After all, if someone really wants to get in, why wouldn’t they just clamber over those short fences that now surround our community? In lieu of these additional measures, how about posting one board member at each gate, with suitable weapons? Or use some of this money to buy their resignations? After all, these are the folks who just passed rules and regulations prohibiting “lewd, offensive and illegal conduct, such as, but not limited to: crude, vulgar or offensive (to a normal person) language; racial slurs and remarks or gestures of a sexually suggestive nature; actual or threatened physical aggression towards other persons; offensive verbal abuse of any person; public urination; graffiti”. If they have the time for such silliness, let’s put them to useful work.

Seriously, check out the privacy group memo. It indicates that this is yet another attempt at governance by anecdote (one resident says this, others express concern, the “privacy manager” obtained feedback, etc.). Typical of our current “leaders,” especially the omnipresent, oxymoronically named privacy group (remember the audio and video surveillance system invading your privacy throughout the community?). A few rumors and suspicions will again result in the erosion of our freedom and particularly our wallets so that a few people can gain more power. Before this goes further, they should give us real studies and real data and consider all alternatives.

3 thoughts on “Privacy Gates

  1. I suggest our uniformed guards at the gate monitor incoming and outgoing foot/bike traffic and take necessary action when our security is being breached. Surely this is a better solution than spending a ton of money on a possible problem.

  2. Thank you Mr. Solzhenitsyn for your efforts to raise awareness of the gulag atmosphere developing in our once wonderful Pelican Landing. Another nobel prize could be in your future.

    • Another example of the incompetency of our Privacy committee and the danger that their way of thinking negatively effects the atmosphere of our Association.
      Unfortunately, no residents are willing to volunteer to replace them.

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