Pelican Landing Administration

I love my country but the administration stinks.
I like living in Pelican Landing but the administration stinks.
I like my home and some times the garbage stinks.

Some, not so bright people, say “if you don’t like it why don’t you move?”
Because the “it” is only what stinks!

That is why I continue to point out what appears to be some minor changes in policies or events within Pelican Landing which, in fact, have major negative consequences. I will relentlessly continue to do so to remove what stinks.
You don’t see behavior policies like the recent PLCA policies in upscale communities like ours.  You see them in Communist and fascist countries, dictatorships, etc., where suppression of people speaking out about the administration is the norm.  Fortunately, we live in the United States where freedom of speech is protected by our constitution. Can the PLCA suppress these rights?

So I ask all residents:
“What kind of people do we have in charge of our administration?”
Vote them out: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
“Bad things happen when good people do nothing.”

Contributed by: Ray Eifler

2 thoughts on “Pelican Landing Administration

  1. I happen to think I’m relatively sane and I’m glad someone like Ray can speak up and point out the issues here in Pelican Landing. I’ll be happy to help oust the current regime. signed: Larry Sheker

  2. Any sane person who listens to Ray will never get involved in any legitimate effort to change things here at Pelican Landing.

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