Re: Revised Policies

From: Paul Revere

Member Conduct. All Members, Guests and Tenants, when in or on Association and public properties within the community, shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner which is respectful to others and compatible with the best interests, welfare and good reputation of the Association and its membership. Any action or conduct which is inimical to this standard is a violation of these Rules and Regulations. Lewd, offensive and illegal conduct, such as, but not limited to: crude, vulgar or offensive (to a normal person) language; racial slurs and remarks or gestures of a sexually suggestive nature; actual or threatened physical aggression towards other persons; offensive verbal abuse of any person; public urination; graffiti; reprimanding or attempting to discipline an Association employee; is a violation of these Rules and Regulations.

Yes, we all see some of these now prohibited activities every day here at PL; I’m referring to  the illegal conduct.  I hereby report the members of the board for their continuing illegal conduct – in particular violating Florida law by (a) refusing to disclose financial information regarding compensation of PLCA employees and (b) conducting illegal audio and video surveillance of residents, employees and invitees throughout our community.

Where did we find the demented crew that constitutes our board and approved these policies?  Where did we dig up an attorney who gave the “thumbs up”?  Where did we find a general manager who encourages this crap?  Shame on us for not getting rid of them!  They are acting inimically to the best interests, welfare and good reputation of the community.  Could you imagine Bonita Bay, Pelican Bay or other nice communities putting up with such low-life rubbish?  What an embarrassment!

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