Why You Should Vote in the August Primary

from: Don Eslick, Estero Council of Community Leaders  This message is provided as a public service

Lee County Supervisor of Elections is mailing out the Absentee Ballots for the August 14th Primary Election.  Please click on the following link (blue type) to share the nonpartisan “Absentee Ballot” flyer with all your community residents…especially your “Snowbirds”… so that they can participate in this important election where virtually all of our local officials are elected.  The turnout in these summer elections is so low that each vote is doubly important.

Thus our voters need to know about the local County, State and Federal candidates who have been interviewed and have committed themselves to supporting our community needs.  Please click on the following link if you wish to read the results of the Estero screening committee’s interviews with the selected candidates and the recommendations of the screening committee:    click here for: Primary Recommendations from the Estero candidate screening committee

Please share this information as widely as you can throughout your community and with your friends and other residents.