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We encourage input from residents and, of course,  presume posts are legitimate. This blog was established to post our contributors views, opinions and facts.  We wish to encourage resident input on all aspects of Pelican Landing … the good … or the not-so-good.  Please be careful and considerate of our readers when posting information as we wish to offer a public service to this community.

Skeptic sent in an email stating the following “A retraction is in order.The private meeting of the BOD, posted earlier, including statements re the forthcoming meeting with the community did not happen. We do hope however, that there is flexibility in their position and that they will seriously consider the community’s concerns and recommendations.”

Original Post stated:  Overheard at a very recent private meeting of the BOD of PL:  OK…so we’ll have an open meeting on the beach renourishment program, let them get their complaints off their chest, and then we will go ahead as planned…no problem. Next topic.

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  1. It’s hard to believe but it seems true that the members of the PLCA who talk and act like this have lost their moral compass. Such comments from the board come from those who like to be “in charge” and care nothing about their moral and legal responsibility to the residents. Shame on them. How much does it take to get the residents to wake up and put an end the their illegal and iimmoral behavior.

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