Mother Nature and the island beach park

From: Tom

Just a few days ago I commented on the force of Mother Nature and the effect she has had on the island over the past 30 years. (thanks to Ann cramer for her efforts as well as the island’s  visual record) We have had for the past several days rains and storm force winds that have had a major negative effect on the beaches here. This storm maybe a bit slow in moving out of Florida which has made the beach situation even worse, but you can only guess what a full force hurricane would have done to the beaches. Once we start this project we will be at the mercy of Mother Nature and an ill advised effort which will cost $$$$$$$$ to the members of PLCA. Not just now but forever.

One thought on “Mother Nature and the island beach park

  1. Yes, and there was a scary moment when even the hurricane center could not forecast whether that storm was going to go east or west. Had it headed east it would have landed right in our lap. We can’t count on being that lucky all the time.

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