PLCA Management and Board Members

From Ray

I am concerned about the actions of the elected board members of the PLCA as they have ignored the bylaws to create a reserve for the beach without resident approval, they may spend millions for beach renourishment which may continue forever, illegal withholding of PLCA financial records, interfering in neighborhood meetings, illegal surveillance, taking action before getting all the facts, etc., etc.It is my inescapable conclusion that this is a result of  the board relying on bad advice from the General Manager Marie Martel and the PLCA attorney Tom Hart.  This is also a result of the boards lack of executive decision making skills as they failed to evaluate the competency of their advisors, a key executive decision making skill that they are lacking in spite of their previous experiences.  I have previously recommended to the board that management consultants be engaged to evaluate the effectiveness of the PLCA and the board, which was declined. No surprise, the same result as asking for salary information.  Same reasons….nice people, smart people, but incompetent.