Beach Erosion Update – Audio Clip from today’s PLCA Board Meeting – be in the know

Be in the know as much as possible and take the time to listen to the discussion on the Beach Park renourishment project as it evolved during today’s PLCA Board meeting. Click on the link below and please allow enough time for the audio recording to open:

click here to listen to the audio recording: Beach Erosion Update PLCA Board Mtg June 20 2012

Should you wish to communication directly with any or all of the PLCA Board Members, following is their contact information:

John Duder, President — 239-949-7951 —  email address:

Jim Murphy, Vice President — 239-495-6475 — email:

Larry McPherson, Secretary — email:

Pat Smart, Treasurer — 239-495-8295 — email:

Paul Erhardt, WCI Representative — email:

(while Paul Erhardt is not a Pelican Landing Resident/Owner, he is the WCI Representative appointed by the other board members to lead the beach project efforts)

Contributed by: Anne Cramer

One thought on “Beach Erosion Update – Audio Clip from today’s PLCA Board Meeting – be in the know

  1. Does anyone have a copy of the drawings submitted to the State that show where the erosion control line was set so that residents will know what we won’t own but will be forced to pay to monitor and maintain?
    How about a copy of the drawings the appraiser was provided – these should at least provide a somewhat reliable representation of the scope of this project?

    Some of what I’ve heard is absolutely frightening! The owner of the Hyatt property (whoever that may be in the future) will not be named on the permit or required contractually to pay their percentage of expenses specific to the permit? From my recollections the Settlement Agreement was never intended (re: legal intent) to cover events such as a beach renourishment.
    Are we stupid?

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