Community Manager’s Employment Contract

While we are all focusing on other issues we are forgetting Marie Martel’s 5-year employment contract expires in April of 2013 and may be renewed by the PLCA Board for an unidentified amount and term of years. The Board has denied the residents the financial details of that contract, which I believe is a violation of the HOA Statute that requires disclosure of all financial records. From: Ray Eifler

5 thoughts on “Community Manager’s Employment Contract

  1. A good compromise might be for the BOD to assure the residents that our manager’s compensation package is within ten percent of other comparable communities in this area.
    At this point, I don’t know if it is within ten percent or over by fifty percent. We need to know before a new contract is offered.

    • Despite the fact that the PLCA Board and PLCA Manager refuse to provide salary information, HB 1195 (legislative changes to the HOA Statutes) provides that while “personnel records” are still protected from owner inspection, salary information regarding any particular employee, as well as any employee’s written employement agreement, are part of the “official records”.
      Thus employee salary information is “supposed to be” available for inspection by owners. My efforts, since July of 2011, to access this information have been turned down by no less than 6 letters from the PLCA Attorney, Tom Hart. Mr. Hart makes statements such as “… the Board of the Association does not believe that it is legally authorized to provide such documents for your review”.
      Poppycock, hogwash, rubbish, etc.!

    • To Bob Hall: there is no room for compromise of our statuary rights. Remember when the Tennis Task Force said our tennis director’s compensation was in line with the market? That was a joke. No one should be satisfied with that. They don’t even keep track of his compensation, so how could they make that statement?

      Same for our general manager – trust, but verify!

      She shouldn’t be rehired at all, at any compensation level. She’s got the WCI outlook: owners have no rights.

  2. AGREE!, In fact all employee salary amounts and benefits are clearly within our right to know. It is our money and they are our employees.

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