The Beach and Mother Nature

Submitted by Tom:

Ok, now let us all take a good hard look at what Mother Nature has been up to in the past few months. It is impressive. My advice, save the time and money and don’t mess with Mother Nature. If she does her work, we have a beach, if not, so be it. Over the past 30 years that island has come and gone. (Check the records.) Not at the will of the PLCA BOD or mankind, but at the will of Mother Nature.

2 thoughts on “The Beach and Mother Nature

  1. Well said Tom. The report with aerial photos provided by Ann Cramer paint a dramatic picture. The bureaucratic language of the report doesn’t match what the eye can see and what meddling with the natural forces is up against. Unfortunately, the question remains: will the BOD back off, particularly Mr Duder. It will take more than aerial photography I fear.

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