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Submitted by: Barry Stiger

Pete Winterberger and the subsequent posters raise interesting questions vital to PL. Aside from the optimistic messages periodically received from the Board about how the interminable permit process is going, do we have a backup plan if (when?) acceptable permits are deemed not obtainable? What were the original beach alternatives? Are any still available? Don’t we have a large sum already collected and in safe keeping? If we follow Mr. Winterberger’s proposal to consolidate our structures, provide more outside activities, let the sands shift and not assume more expense and risk, should we acquire some beachfront property as a backup potential future PL beach club? Is our Board thinking about these possibilities or just banking on State approvals that, even if obtained, are likely to have very unfavorable conditions attached?

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  1. Peter Zuris writes to Board Members Duder, Murphy, Smart and to the PelicanLandingBlog

    I read with interest the controversy presently underway concerning beach erosion and wonder if there is a compromise that would satisfy most of the concerns.

    Up until now we have considered re-nourishment and the groins as a package deal. Understandably, given the history. But my limited experience with the beach suggests to me that the smaller island that is now reality is still pretty usable. What we have lost has forced a refurbishment that keeps a usable beach but reduces the center of the island grassy dunes that were pleasant to look at but not really the prime benefit of the amenity.

    So, what if we dropped the re-nourishment aspect but maintained the groin program?

    We’d save money. We’d still own all of the beach up to the new mean high tide mark. We’d have bettered the odds of the island not washing away to the point of disappearing or becoming unusable for both PL and Hyatt.

    What do you think?

    • Residents are completely uninformed on the details of this beach project as evidenced by some of the comments offered. The PLCA board members need to get a grip on the details and the ramifications (since they don’t seem to understand either) and they need to get their act together – pronto.

      • Amen…tell your neighbors…tell anyone who will listen…if they won’t listen, tell’m anyway!

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