Beach Project

Comment: My first and only comment is this entire project should have been submitted to a vote of all owners prior to any action. The BOD did something that may or may not be an issue, they funded this project via the general fund, thus avoiding any membership input. I think this was a action that in effect made all the owners ineffective as members of PLCA, in others words we did not have a vote, position or a chance to express our point of view. My question is why? We too have a role in this issue.$$.

One thought on “Beach Project

  1. Exactly correct, the Board has made the resident owners ineffective by their policies and behavior. The big question is why? What attitude of thinking prevails in this and prior Boards? I believe it is the perpetuation of the WCI policies that were designed to control the residents and the Board. I could see it then and I still see it now. Who encourages this attitude? Most likely it is the attorney and Manager we inherited from WCI. But why the residents who were elected to the Board?

    Isn’t it about time all the residents discouraged this attitude in the Board? Next election let’s get some residents on the Board that are going to act on behalf of the residents and stop those who act for some Association that is no longer controlled by a corporation.

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