Beach Re-Nourishment

submitted by: another concerned resident

The Board should ask our consultants and/or attorneys to provide an opinion letter, clearly written, setting out detailed explanations of all options, pro and cons. They should follow up with a presentation at a meeting where all residents have an opportunity to comment and ask questions. It should not be done over the summer when very few people are available. However, if time constraints require them to do so, the meeting should be taped and posted on the website so those unable to attend can review it and ask any follow-up questions. I believe the beach is the primary amenity of PL and losing it is unthinkable. We must find the option that provides the best result for PL residents.

One thought on “Beach Re-Nourishment

  1. This is exactly what some residents asked for and did not get when this issue oriignally came up. Rather late now to expect the board to do now what good judegment and common sense said should have been done in the beginning. That would be too much for the Board to swallow and way beyond their level of thinking. Elitists Board members believe they are never wrong and always know what is best for someone else. So don’t expect a miracle. They avoided doing what you suggested and instead chose to raise the reserves for the beach and increasedour annual assemssment without going to the residents. Because they believe the residents don’t know as much as the Board.

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