Beach Project – general public use – resident vote needed

As I read Mr. Winterberger’s post on the beach project, I am moved to three personal conclusions :

1. If there is any chance at all that this beach could become public, or we are forced to admit the general public, then we should scrap the plan in its present form.
2. Considering the enormous ammount of resident funds that are needed to pull this off, the entire proposal should be put to a Pelican Landing vote, where at least 51% of the unit owners would need to approve the expenditure.
3. For sure, this is a complicated issue, and the resulting suggested solutions are complicated; until it becomes uncomplicated, the BOD should not even consider attempting to approve a course of action that would commit any more funds or any more potential community liability.

There are several key people who have put enormous time and talent into this project. I sure appreciate their effort and time expended. These people are special and have surely given of themselves.

Thanks for all the discussion.

Dave Smith, Long Lake