Beach ReNourishment – lack of info from PLCA

There are knowledgeable residents on the subject of our beach and hopefully they will contribute valuable facts on the re-nourishment issues including our accretion rights as well as liability issues.

In off-line discussions as stated by one resident: “To many the major issue is our property values. Few communities have such access and that distinguishes our community and adds value. If its public how will others get there?”

Consider that for years discussions have been held regarding water taxis from the Coconut Point area (thinks Weeks Fish Camp and/or Coconut Point Marina) to Lovers Key, Sanibel, etc.(I believe our Community Manager has been at meetings where this was discussed)  And, it is not a stretch to consider that at any time an enterprising boat captain could simply shuttle people back and forth (for a fee) … nice boat ride to a remote beach. Communities such as Pelican Sound and West Bay might also consider this a pleasant destination.

If you listen to the audio clip from the April Board meeting on this subject (you can find this in the April 20th post) you will hear PLCA Director Paul Erhardt (WCI’s rep) advise the board that the State of FL has already suggested they may want Pelican Landing to allow the public to use our facilities in return for issuing a permit.  Not the picture of exclusivity for our “private” Beach Park.

The board of PLCA is not providing adequate info to the residents to educate you on the potential benefits as well as the liabilities. Let’s have a conversation here on this blog where you can post a comment (with your name or not) — and let’s get the confusion and the facts out on the table.  There is much to consider with little to no info coming from the board.

Concerned Resident – Anne Cramer

2 thoughts on “Beach ReNourishment – lack of info from PLCA

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  2. In New Jersey private beach communities are reluctant to accept assistance from the state because it comes with strings attached, such as a requirement that public access be granted. What are the public access requirements under the easement required of plca by the state of Florida? Has anyone seen and analyzed the actual easement and any other requirements of the permits we are seeking? Does it require that we share our transport to the beach with the public? Does it allow boaters who now tie up at the north end to use our facilities? Does it require us to repair and replenish the beach forever, regardless of cost? Are we protected from claims that our installations have caused damage to other lands? Has the board periodically reviewed whether the current, long delayed plan is still the best way to proceed? If we knew then what we now know, would we have proceeded or chosen a different route?

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