May 25 PLCA News email

Comment: In the May 25th PLCA News there is a block diagram (organization chart) of both the CDD and PLCA. Looking at the chart presented by the PLCA you may begin to understand the residents problem the with the PLCA board as the residents are at the bottom of the totem pole,  Here are my comments to the PLCA Board:    I really like block diagrams as they say alot!  Unfortunately, both your block diagrams below ignore the fact that the residents are above the PLCA Board of Directors and on the CDD they are also above everything and should be at the top of both diagrams.      Your arrangement gives the impression that the PLCA Board and the CDD district manager are at the top of the totem pole, when they are not, although the PLCA Board may act like they are.                                                                         Ray Eifler, Heron Point

2 thoughts on “May 25 PLCA News email

  1. While providing contact information is a good thing, unfortunately this communication also shows a lack of willingness to accommodate the reporting of problems. Why?

    It states: “Please understand that PLCA cannot report your problems to the Bayside or Bay Creek CDD; they need to hear from you directly.” (and, this is underlined for further emphasis)

    Could someone logically explain WHY PLCA can’t report problems they are made aware of to the CDD’s ?

    It seems unreasonable that residents should need to determine whether or not an issue is a PLCA or a CDD issue. Are serious (or less important) problems ignored if the resident reports it to the wrong entity? We pay management fees to run our community and this is what we are TOLD?

  2. Ray, that was a “communications chart”. The residents, who ostensibly own Pelican Landing, are indeed at the bottom of both the organization chart and the communications chart.

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