re: Resident Tennis Study Group vs PLCA BOD Task Force

note from a Non-Tennis player: responding to May 13 post regarding the Tennis Task Force
Not being a tennis player because of physical limitations, it is difficult to appreciate
fully your comments and the resident study of the tennis facility. I know a lot of people in PL play tennis but you have to wonder if the ” who cares” factor you have previously cited is not relevant here.
Nonetheless, I was shocked by the report as it reveals management deficiencies and what I would characterize as conflict of interest that are so obvious, that if true, really challenge the operation and oversight of what is arguably the most important amenity PL has. But, what are the financial consequences for the community at large that obviously contains many people not interested in tennis? That may be the source of “who cares”. I think one important factor missing from the report is the money connected with the maintenance and operation of this
amenity and how those costs are supported by every resident…player or not. If those numbers are not reasonable there need to be explanations and accountability needs to be established. I see that as a counter to the “who cares” factor because for many residents I would think money trumps arcane tennis operational matters…I know it does with me.
So if there really are substantive problems with the tennis amenity…how it is run, who runs it, and what it costs…complaints and recommendations for reforms need to have a “bottom line.” Without that component, “business as usual” is a likely outcome, responsibility and accountability never gets defined, and the community never gets outraged to the extent that changes are supported.

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