Strong words for the UOC – worthy of self-evaluation/reflection ?

 Fellow property owners of Pelican Landing:

See the amenity advisory groups policy, link below, which indicates another function of the U.O.C. being transferred outside the influence of unit owners committee, which is designed to protect and maintain the property rights of the residents of Pelican Landing. Fascists, dictators and the like are not just limited to government politics as their slimy fingers extend into all political forms, even those in a home owners association. Below in the amenity advisory group policy are further steps towards emasculating the U.O.C. there have been too many previous PLCA board actions leading in the same direction but the U.O.C. representatives were too passive to notice, did not care or worse yet were complicit in these actions.

The U.O.C. has lacked the leadership necessary to make the U.O.C. representatives more responsible to the community association. It is the U.O.C. who should have been forming task forces and study groups to address the issues important to all the property owners. Instead the U.O.C. is nothing more than a social and political stepping stone for those individuals who wish to be on the PLCA board. We have three U.O.C. chairs because the representatives would rather have someone else do their work. So give them a co-chair title and sit back and watch the PLCA go from bad to worse.

If the U.O.C. does nothing they are nothing and their not recognizing what is and has been going on is proof that we need more U.O.C. representatives that understand their responsibility to all the residents of Pelican Landing and to the U.O.C.

Wake up residents your U.O.C. representatives are giving away your property rights gained when an earlier residents association sued and won a law suit against WCI to obtain resident control of the PLCA. The residents won the lawsuit, but now they are losing the battle fought so hard for by giving it away.

The link below can also be found on the May 3rd issue of the Pelican Landing news.