What Happened to our Speed Trap?

Comment: What’s Happened to our Speed Trap?

Author: R. Barry Stiger

One day it’s on, one day it’s off; one day (yesterday) it’s entirely missing. Since the Gestapo that runs this place won’t tell us, does anyone know what’s going on with the tacky speed trap just outside of the Sanctuary? I understand that it’s going to be used to automatically fine speeders, but where have they now hidden it? Makes for a nice image for potential buyers! They must be thinking: “Hmmm, speed traps, audio/video surveillance, no disclosures by hated management: I think I’ll shop for a house in Bonita Bay.”

2 thoughts on “What Happened to our Speed Trap?

  1. Of course the management doesn’t see the big picture of our lovely community and the personal rights of our above average residents. The mindset of management is narrow minded and focuses only on police solutions to the issue of driving at or below our speed limit. It ignores what is approriate and acceptable to the residents
    Using common sense and technology, such as an electronic device that visualy indicates to drivers their vehicles speed may be enough to alert visitors and residents to react accordingly. That would be more in keeping with the character of our community.

  2. Security moves it from place to place. Friday it was moved to another location in the south part of Pelican Landing. Is it necessary? Ist it appropriate? Is it socially acceptable to the residents? Probably not, but residents are not making the decision. It seems that this issue is determined by those with a single issue on their mind, enforcement of our speeding rules. But is what they are doing the answer? probably not. Somone who understands the bigger picture should be involved. Apparently, the Board lacks this broader persepective.

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