How to win an election in Pelican Landing

Wow!.   What happened to the American way – you know that quaint notion of holding a legitimate election?  No hanging chads here, but isn’t this extreme even in the Great State of Florida?

Are you aware the 5-member PLCA Board held an election for the property owners in Longlake? This introduces an extreme element of Board Politics and a newly minted form of electioneering.  Adding further insult to the situation, Longlake residents recently received a copy of the minutes from the first meeting of this board appointed Longlake Committee whereby “Board member wannabe” Chairman Craig Shopf shares his profound insight — that as far as the current Committee is concerned the Board has made their decision and “we” will abide by their ruling.  The notes omit the part where Shopf also told one Longlake homeowner that if he doesn’t like it, he should move!

While the Longlake election may seem relatively insignificant, consider the implications of a board that believes it is acceptable to take away your right to vote and denies you the right to hold a legitimate election!    Is this symptomatic of other behaviors and decisions that may be inappropriate for Pelican Landing?

If you have the time, please do read the communications that follow.  It is most fascinating (albeit distressing) to read the incoherent nonsense written by Duder in his email to all residents of the Longlake neighborhood.

Longlake Resident, Raymond O’Neill, wrote to PLCA Board President, John Duder, addressing the substantially incorrect information J.Duder distributed to Longlake.  Ray identifies the facts and summarizes the mess created by the board’s “assistance” in neighborhood elections. (copies of 3 communications follow and you may wish to read them from the oldest first to get the full flavor of this debacle)

You can’t make this stuff up!  Click on the following 3 communications:

April 14 2012 email from Raymond ONeill to John Duder

March 21 2012 email Duder to Longlake

March 15 2012 email T Marvin Hancock to John Duder

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    • a follow up post will be added shortly to reveal the latest email and Duder’s response. Where is the rest of the PLCA Board on this important issue – they now seem mute?

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