Florida Homeowner Association Statutes 720.303 and the PLCA

post submitted by: RAYMOND EIFLER

Comment: The Pelican Landing Community Association is like a building with no windows; no one can see in; a door where only the privileged may enter; and speakers on the roof to announce what has already been done.

However, There is a Florida Statutes 720.303 to protect the property interests of home owners in an association by defining what the Association is required to do for their members. For some time now events indicate that the PLCA board has ignored the Statute as evidenced by their failure to provide PLCA records (financial and others) to their members. Suspicions of mismanagement, financial negligence or more are not unusual.

Unfortunately, many residents lack any interest in how the PLCA operates and the problems expand every year. Residents now have a choice to either live with how the PLCA is mismanaged or change it. The following are some of the many problems in order of their importance, with the first problems causing all the others.

1. There is no transparency regarding how the PLCA really operates as information, whether financial, how the tennis courts are allocated or otherwise is withheld from the residents by The PLCA Board. This is a violation of the fiduciary duty they owe all the residents and a violation of the Home Owners Statute that requires them to do so.

2. The PLCA Board along with the manager an their attorney are responsible for all of the many problems we have.
3. All the recent problems we have had are all a result of bad management, bad policies and unfortunately incompetent board members. Policies allow members leaving a committee to vote on who is going on a committee thereby guaranteeing no one gets on the committee that disagrees with those going off a committee

I suggest you click on the Home Owners statute below and determine for your selves whether or not the PLCA Board and their manger are mismanaging the PLCA and violating the Statute. The advice their lawyer is giving them has not helped to solve the problems.

FLORIDA STATUTES 720.303: www.ccfjfoundation.net/HOAFS720.303-2010.htm

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  1. If you have to make a decision to do something there are four basic considerations. 1. Is it necessary; 2. Is it appropriate; 3. Is it socially acceptable; and 4. Is it illegal. Applying this to the recent decisions by the PLCA board has raised many questions about their decision making process. There is a difference between the Board doing what is best for the residents versus doing what the Board thinks is best for the residents. Are our policies and rules made by and for the members of this Association for friendly home owners or are they made for a crime ridden inner city. Legality is only part of making a decision and, although something may be legal to do, it may violate the first three considerations and therefore unacceptable to the members of this home owners association. RAY EIFLER

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