Surveillance Audio Video Update PLCA Board Mtg April 19, 2012

The link below will allow you the opportunity to listen to an audio clip revealing what PLCA management and the PLCA Board has to say about their reasoning for planting audio and video cameras throughout Pelican Landing — including areas where residents gather and even the Community Center Conference Room!

Most residents are completely understanding of the reasons behind the installation of surveillance equipment at the entry gates, the marinas, and such … however many residents take serious offense to having their casual conversations recorded in locations where one would expect to be able to hold a private conversation.

(the discussion lasted over 30 minutes and because the a/c blower goes on and off a couple of times, there are a couple of instances where it is a little more difficult to hear)

Security Camera Update Surviellance Equip

One thought on “Surveillance Audio Video Update PLCA Board Mtg April 19, 2012

  1. If you have to make a decision to do something there are four basic considerations. 1. Is it necessary; 2. Is it appropriate; 3. Is it socially acceptable; and 4. Is it illegal. Applying this to the recent decisions by the PLCA board has raised many questions about their decision making process. There is a difference between the Board doing what is best for the residents versus doing what the Board thinks is best for the residents. Are our policies and rules made by and for the members of this Association for friendly home owners or are they made for a crime ridden inner city. Legality is only part of making a decision and, although something may be legal to do, it may violate the first three considerations and therefore unacceptable to the members of this home owners association. RAY EIFLER

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