Beach Erosion Update from April 19 2012 PLCA Board Meeting

Click on following link to listen to the audio clip from the April 19. 2012  PLCA Board meeting.  Paul Erhardt, the WCI Board Member, provided this update on the beach project (aprox 20 minutes).  Very important information is shared since a decision will need to be made before much more time passes

Beach Erosion Update Audio clip

One thought on “Beach Erosion Update from April 19 2012 PLCA Board Meeting

  1. The PLCA board has not been updating the residents on this very expensive project. Now sand from a dredging project will be placed on county owned property at he Northerly tip of the island. Did our board make any effort to have this sand distributed on our beach or are they so stuck on the idea of putting multiple cement structures hundreds of feet long out there that they cannot see other solutions? Who is making decisions here?

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