Surveillance Invasion in Pelican Landing

Many residents are very concerned and outraged with the recent installation of surveillance equipment at the Tennis Center (there is now audio and video surveillance on the terrace where residents gather!). Last week the Community Manager, Marie Martel, revealed the fact that there are concealed audio/video devices in multiple locations in the Community Center – including the ceiling of the PLCA Conference room.

One of our neighbors produced the following petition — if you agree, sign this petition and let’s put a stop to this invasion of our right to privacy.

Petition against Audio Surveillance at our Amenities

If clicking on the above does not bring you directly to the petition, please copy and paste the following into your browser:

Thank you for your attention to this infringement on our privacy as well as the laws of the State of Florida.

4 thoughts on “Surveillance Invasion in Pelican Landing

  1. Every new idea that our management has costs us money and is not always in the best interests of the residents, a point which the PLCA Boards seems to have overlooked

  2. I can understand the need for some general video cameras at night or when the facilities are unattended. No need for audio. Another example of the lack of professionalism with our management staff. Change of staff is long over due.

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