Tennis Center Report

The PLCA Board will hear a presentation by their officially commissioned “Tennis Task Force” during their monthly meeting this Wednesday April 18th at 9:00 a.m. This task force is made up of four residents; Jim Murphy, Dan Ricks, Ron Clearfield and Judi Brown.

A second group “The Tennis Study Group”, made up of thirteen concerned tennis players who have considerable interest, experience and backgrounds in tennis, met with the Tennis Task Force on March 23, 2012. The Study Group made a PowerPoint presentation to the Task Force and provided their fifty-nine page report. Hard copies of the report were also delivered to all members of the PLCA Board of Directors as well as all members of “The Tennis Advisory Group”, formerly known as “The Tennis Subcommittee”. The purpose of this Study Group is to provide an objective, fact based report to assist the Tennis Task Force in making its recommendations to the PLCA Board of Directors (“Board”) and to assist the Board in making decisions relative to the Pelican Landing Tennis Center. The goal is to provide Pelican Landing residents with the best possible tennis experience. 

The Tennis Study Group report is also being distributed to UOC members and individual residents throughout the community — copy attached.  The report begins with the Executive Summary that provides a snapshot of many of the more detailed recommendations. 

Tennis player or not … this report may be of interest to you as it relates to the management of our facilities and perhaps you will see where the recommendations could also translate to improvements in the management and/or physical facilities of our other Pelican Landing amenities.



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  1. PLCA Board agreed to place the task force’s report on the PLCA website … there was no presentation at the April board meeting and no discussion about the report other than to place it on the website. Wonder if this is cuz everyone is heading back north and they hope it will be forgotten by the time next “season” rolls around.

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