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6 thoughts on “Pelican Landing Residents

  1. submitted by a resident concerned with obfuscation and dictatorial evolution in PelicanLanding

    the word is that PLCA lost a law suit that had to do with selective enforcement of our documents — summary judgement in favor of the resident. (at least one resident was deposed as was the CAM, Marie Martel, and Ryan Morris/Privacy Manager. Sure would be interesting to see a copy of the complaint, the judgement and the depositions!

      • Hooray! This blog has already proved its worth as a source of valuable information by bringing out facts that should have been brought out by the PLCA Board. Transparency in the PLCA has long been absent.

  2. Great idea! PelIcan Landing just lost a huge lawsuit, with significant damages to be paid from our dues. Management’s lack of written policies and poor procedures, inexperience amd ineptitude are the cause. Nice work. Wonder how much higher the insurance premiums will be!

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