At 9 a.m. this Tuesday (7/22) in Bonita Springs City Hall there will be a hearing to allow the public to be heard regarding a change in the zoning at the beach which would permit the Hyatt to serve HARD LIQUOR and have LIVE MUSIC at OUR BEACH.

This hearing is pursuant to an application submitted by the PLCA (on 5/29) to change the beach zoning. The approximately 100 page application contains the following language submitted by the PLCA;

“This request will, if granted,…allow music and the availability of beverages including alcoholic beverages”.

The application further states that “It is PRESENTLY (emphasis added) contemplated that the alcoholic beverages will consist of beer and wine BUT (emphasis added) this request INCLUDES A REQUEST TO PERMIT ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (including) TRADITIONAL ISLAND STYLE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (emphasis added)

As for music, the application states that it ‘ includes acoustic as well as amplified music …(and) (t)he music contemplated is for either LIVE, ISLAND STYLE SOLO OR SMALL GROUP PERFORMANCES (emphasis added) or pre-recorded play…”

Although the alcoholic beverages will only be sold to PLCA members and guests and Hyatt ” guests” (whoever they are?), the Hyatt ( a profit making entity) will completely operate, enforce, monitor and control the sale and distribution of the alcoholic beverages.

If the prospect of having a Ft. Meyers beach style bar with mojitos, margaritas and live steel band music serving an unspecified clientele (think of the many boaters who land on our island) is what you want for our beach then sit back and relax because the Bonita Springs City zoning staff has given it its seal of approval. If not then voice your objection at the meeting this Tuesday at 9 a.m. at Bonita Springs City Hall.

“Vote by Mail” Critical to Aug 26th Primary for County Commissioners

August 26th is an unusual time to hold an election. It is particularly hard for our community to have an impact on the results because we have a far higher percentage of “snowbirds” than the rest of Lee County.

ECCL indicates the following (and this is representative of Pelican Landing/Bonita Springs as well):
In 2004, the first year that we supported a County Board member, Ray Judah, in the Republican Primary only 17% of registered Estero Republican voters cast ballots in that election while almost 25% of all Lee County Republicans participated.

We learned that lesson and since then have developed a quite successful “Absentee Voter”, now called “Vote by Mail”, participation campaign. As a result, in the 2012 Primary Election, the Estero participation rate exceeded the countywide share by 3 percentage points. In that election 48% of Estero’s Republican voters cast ballots by “absentee” while the countywide share was only 35.5%.

Vote by Mail Campaign

It is not too soon to begin to encourage voters in your community to “Vote by Mail” in the August 26 Primary Election. Year round Florida residents can also “Vote by Mail” if they prefer. Or they can “Early Vote” during the last 8 days prior to Election Day.

Please ask your Homeowners Association to distribute this linked, non-partisan “Vote by Mail” flyer to all the members of your community. If not, you and your colleagues will need to find a way to find or develop email lists or other media that you can use to encourage all your residents, but especially your registered Republicans, to “Vote by Mail” or otherwise in the August 26 Primary Election.

Registered voters can still apply for “Vote by Mail” ballots until about one week prior to the election so that the ballot may be sent out, voted and returned before the polls close on August 26.

Right now 29 per cent of our registered voters have applied for a “Vote by Mail” ballot…we need to get that number a lot higher if we are to have a real impact on this election and get the attention of our County Commissioners.

Just print out an application from the following website: Voter’s Registration Form Complete the information and mail it to:
Lee County Supervisor of Elections
P.O. Box 2545
Ft. Myers, FL 33902

Lee Memorial refocusing efforts for local health care

By now you may be aware of the following: The Lee Memorial Health System decided that efforts to overcome the opposition of the Agency for Health Care Administration and Naples Community Hospital were probably futile at this time. Here is a statement from Lee Memorial:

“The ECCL leadership and Lee Memorial Health System leadership have committed to collaborate on developing a shared vision which would focus on creating a destination health neighborhood including a consumer-retail oriented healthcare experience that is clinically coordinated and balances medical and support facilities, programs and services. The purpose is to keep people well and reduce the need for repair center medicine.

“This shared vision would include, but not be limited to, developing non-hospitalization programs intended to prepare for population health management, including health and wellness, home health telemonitoring, telemedicine, clinical navigators to help deal with fragmentation of care, growing primary care and certain specialty care programs, chronic care management, behavioral health and senior services.”

The ECCL will be working with Lee Memorial and all the landowners in this vicinity to develop a plan for the development of that area as a full-service, 21st century healthcare delivery system.

How to: Show Your Support to Build a Community Hospital at Coconut Point

Dear Estero/Bonita Springs resident,

Sometime during the next couple months a State of Florida Administrative Law Judge will recommend approval or denial of Lee Memorial’s application to build an 80 bed hospital (expandable to 200 beds) in Coconut Point, just south of the Dillard’s department store. No matter what she recommends, the final decision will subsequently be made by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).

Florida law does not allow us to communicate with AHCA on this matter so we need to mount a massive show of support for the hospital to Governor Scott, who appoints the leadership of AHCA.

As you know gaining approval for this hospital has been made most difficult by the strong opposition of the Naples Community Hospital (NCH) Healthcare System, a Collier County institution, and the home of Governor Scott.

In 2013, when Lee Memorial first filed an application for a south Lee County Hospital, NCH opposed it and the application was denied by AHCA. As a result Lee Memorial was forced to spend nearly $500,000 to appeal that denial.

We need your help if we are to convince the Governor his health care agency should approve this hospital for south Lee County.

The first thing you can do is go to the following website and email the Governor a letter…


Secondly, join our team of active supporters and organize more support for the hospital by taking some or all of the actions listed on the Support Generation Summary.

If you want to know more about all the health care improvements that Lee Memorial has planned for our area, please read the attached Lee Memorial position paper. The residents of south Lee County are quite fortunate to have such a committed, quality health care partner as Lee Memorial.

Thanks for your help.

Don Eslick, Co-chair
South Lee County Hospital Committee

For more information on the hospital click on


Invitation to attend Coast Guard Aux.Safety Session

Do you boat, sail, paddle, or fish in our local waters? You may be interested in attending a safety session by the Coast Guard Auxiliary on Monday, March 31 at 5:30 at the Community Center. Free cheese and wine! Presented by the Pelican Landing sailors and paddlers. No RSVP, just show up.

posted by Aurelie

Annexation Results from the ECCL


Bonita Springs’ Annexation Referendum Results

We are happy the vast majority of the residents of Pelican Landing and The Colony appreciate the many advantages that the Village of Estero offers to them when they voted to reject annexation by the City of Bonita Springs in order to be able to participate in the Estero incorporation referendum this fall.   We are confident that they will be happy with this decision as the community continues to grow and prosper.

We plan to keep everyone involved and informed about the Estero Incorporation process. 

The ECCL will be conducting new Incorporation Workshops for all residents, presenting detailed information about the economic feasibility of a Village of Estero, the form of government, and the impact of future growth, so that residents may make an informed choice in November 2014.    

We also intend to continue working closely with the City of Bonita Springs on issues of importance to the region, such as the South Lee County Hospital and the Bonita Springs Estero Economic Development Committee.

We also want to thank those residents in The Colony and Pelican Landing who reached out to their neighbors in an effort to inform them of the benefits of a Village of Estero.  They include: Mike Kelly, Jack Polsenberg, Ben Korbly, Howard & Nancy Cohen, Dave Clifford, Lee Denson, Vicki Olson, Dick St. Jean, Bill Ribble, Bob Luttrell, Wayne Godsey, Rick Anderson, Anne Cramer, Jack Lienesch and Jack Miciak.    

Nick Batos

ECCL Chairman

For information about the ECCL and the incorporation referendum, go to www.EsteroToday.com.

Vote “NO” on Annexation

There are many reasons to vote against annexation.  Here are a few:

  • It doesn’t pass the smell test.  Why has Bonita Springs paid WCI $1.2 million already and another $500,000 upon a successful annexation vote, as the Mayor said among “other considerations” (i.e. backroom deals on future development?)?  While these payments are in the form of credits against future impact fees, they are as good as cash to an active developer such as WCI, and according to news reports these credits are transferable.  The Mayor recently downplayed these payments to WCI as merely being impact fees, but impact fees are paid by a developer, not to a developer!
  • Bonita is also taking over WCI liabilities (responsibilities for maintaining the two older roads that Bonita “bought” from WCI) and paying the $1.7 million for the privilege.  This seems like reverse logic.
  • Bonita harps on the benefits of having one community, a greater voice in Bonita affairs, avoiding split neighborhoods, etc.  These arguments are wholly made up by Bonita.  There is really no significant impact, and probably a benefit in having Pelican Landing split into, and being able to seek assistance from, two cities, not just one.  In fact there has been no real impact in 14 years and most residents weren’t even aware of this “issue” until this annexation move by Bonita Springs arose.
  • There is no real adverse tax consequence and perhaps a minor tax benefit to becoming part of a future Village of Estero, despite all the junk mail emanating from Bonita.  When Bonita became a city it used the  argument: that a city government would be more efficient than county government. But in addition to the WCI payment, Bonita has spent a fortune on mailers and other expenses in support of annexation.  And the Mayor claims to run an efficient administration, spending the taxpayers’ money wisely?
  • PLCA, WCI and Bonita Springs are in an alliance, leaving the little guys – the taxpayers – to fend for themselves.  Does anyone think that Bonita will be our friend if our board oversteps its power, whether in policing Pelican Landing, or otherwise, or if WCI files for new development approvals or revisions of existing agreements? The taxpayers need a counterbalance to the “Triple Alliance” of Bonita, PLCA and WCI.  Hopefully Estero can help perform that function.
  • The PLCA Board of Directors has met at least twice (once last year to “authorize” the annexation vote and once this year to authorize its consent to the annexation), without any notice or meeting of the members, to take action promoting annexation.  Why is it promoting annexation so aggressively?  Fear of oversight by an incorporated Estero?
  • In addition to overpaying WCI for the decaying marina (taking title to a cash-draining WCI liability and paying $700,000 for the privilege), PLCA consented to the transfer of WCI development rights that WCI wasn’t ever going to use in the Colony to WCI property north of Corkscrew.  WCI has already voluntarily joined its 130 acres referred to as “conservation lands” to Bonita, but WCI has hundreds of acres that it can still develop, not to mention seeking new approvals on the 130 acres.  Will WCI be able to join all the other acreage to Bonita if the annexation fails?  Estero is the only hope for some citizen control over future WCI development.

Has Bonita asked the non-registered voters for consent to annexation?

Does anyone know if the City of Bonita Springs has asked any of the non-registered voters (residential property owners) in the proposed “red box” annexation area for their to consent to the annexation?  Florida Law seems to require that a certain percentage of these non-voting owners consent before this can go to referendum yet there has been no indication of any residential property owners receiving such a request from the City of Bonita Springs. Has anyone out there received such a request?

Marina Restrictions on resident-owned kayaks and sailboats

The best way to be heard is to go to the next PLCA Board meeting and present your case for your personal kayak/paddleboard/etc. (meetings are the third Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.)

During the November meeting PLCA President, Larry McPherson, and Marie Martel (Association Manager) stated that resident-owned sailboats and kayaks are not permitted to use the ramp at the marina “until they see what the traffic is”.

Perhaps with a reasonable explanation, the board can be persuaded this is less than fair.  Kayaks in particular are quick and easy to launch and very maneuverable.  A very strong argument relates to the PLCA owned sailboats and kayaks.  Can the Board provide a reasonable explanation describing what makes it acceptable for a resident to use the Coconut Point Ramp to launch and enjoy PLCA owned sailboats and kayaks yet the same resident is being denied the ability to launch and enjoy their personally owned kayak or paddle board?

Privacy and Reality in Pelican Landing

Bill Hill Comments: Just got my email from our Security Unit with news of some missing property taken from a home in Capri. Maybe the next project they could start to work on would be a moat around the perimeter. This moat could could be included in Security’s multi thousand dollar proposal to gate the walkin entrance sidewalks. This moat could serve a dual purpose by being constructed in a manner capable of handling the excess rain water that flooded the place this past summer.

Another possible project that, while not being politically correct in Obama’s America in 2013, might be considered by our Security staff would be to investigate the credentials of the hundred or more illegal aliens who enter the community every day and wander freely throughout the streets and yards as quest workers without scrutiny. Perhaps the contractors who bring them in should have to face an identification process and post a bond. Since my family and friends have to submit to an identification process at the gates before they are allowed to enter Pelican Landing and come to my home and in fact I myself must submit to an identification process before I can enter the high rent area in The Colony from my home on the other side of the tracks it seems not unreasonable for Security to protect us from the daily influx of illegal aliens who enter Pelican Landing.