Things That We Can Do

Further to the prior post from Margot Hill, here is a link to a comprehensive document Margot prepared Things That We Can Do

Residents should know that Margot Hill volunteered to be a member of the Privacy Advisory Group yet they chose another resident. Following is an excerpt from her BIO
Deputy Superintendent Margot H. Hill, (Retired), was a member of the Boston Police Department from 1987-2007, and held the ranks of patrol officer, detective (Sexual Assault Unit, where she was named Detective of the Year in 1989), patrol sergeant, sergeant detective, lieutenant, lieutenant detective, and deputy superintendent. Continue reading

Re: Armed Home Invasion in Tuscany Isle

Dear Neighbors,

I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but life as we’ve enjoyed it has become increasingly more dangerous. Living in a gated community sometimes gives us a false sense of security, and even in my house, we’ve succumbed to it. I leave the garage door open, the alarms off, and windows and doors open more times than I’d like to admit. On the other hand, when we’re there, we have ‘early warning systems’ called dogs with us, and I never discount their heightened sense of danger, knowing as I do that most burglars would pass my house by once they heard the barking.

I say most—not all. And it’s that other twenty percent of criminals that I worry about. The types that would ignore my dog, perhaps because they know it’s friendly because they’ve met before…and who would continue on unthwarted into my home, armed, and anticipating danger. Most likely they’d strike late at night, while we were asleep, when all of us are most vulnerable. They’d overpower us, and use force if they met with resistance.

This is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, and guess what? It happened in Pelican Landing last Wednesday night. If you lived in Bonita Bay or the Brooks, you received the details that were also broadcast on the local television news the next day. An armed home invasion that was perpetrated by three Hispanic males who overpowered a couple whom they’d wakened at 11:00 PM at gunpoint, then forced to the floor and bound with plastic cuff ties. They then used a taser gun on the homeowner for the information on the safe that held their valuables and made off with over $25,000 in jewels and other property. This took place at a residence in Tuscany, in the Colony.

PLCA decided to withhold the information and details – important details that could save someone’s life and heighten their awareness at the least – from our residents. Contrast this bad decision with the correct decision made by the managements of The Brooks and Bonita Bay. Both communities were immediately warned of the significant danger still on the loose nearby. Similar home invasions were committed this past spring in Naples, leaving me with the impression that gated communities, because of the false sense of security that they give, are ripe for the picking.
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Bill Hill
When are the multitudes of intelligent residents living in Pelican Landing going to realize that the Board of Directors are not the least bit concerned or even interested in what they think. Is this finally an awakening to the fact that the residents have long since been removed from all decision making here at Pelican Landing. Whenever there is a deal being made involving the sale of alcoholic beverages whether in a neighborhood gin mill or on the Hyatt Coconut Point Beach Island Resort (former property of Pelican Landing residents) someone is making a buck and there are usually more partners than the name on the license. Sunlight casts shadows even here in Florida.

A number of resident may consider food and beverage service at the beach desirable. And, some may think that a full liquor license and live music may seem desirable. Nonetheless, any such venture should first require full disclosure, evaluation, and resident buy-in before amending our Governing Documents and expediting an application through the Zoning/City approval process. Prior to embarking on any such venture an agreement between the Hyatt and the PLCA should be in place and should outline each party’s responsibilities, control, liability, as well as a method to reduce services or terminate the agreement should it not work out as expected. To date, no such agreement exists.

Verbal or written assertions are interesting but zoning, permit applications, and draft changes to the PLCA Governing Documents provide the proof.

Food and beverage service at the Beach Park –
Why did the PLCA Attorney add a full liquor license to the application (by his own admission) at the last minute? Who is Mr. Hart representing and is there a conflict of interest?
Why is there no record of the Board authorizing this application for a special exception to the Beach Park Zoning?
Why are we playing catch-up again … on another extremely important and “secretive” Board decision?
Why is this occurring when a majority of residents are absent?
Has anyone taken the time to consider the unintended consequences, potential costs and liability?

Respectfully submitted by Anne Cramer

This Board must be drinking potent Kool-Aid

How easy is it for Hyatt and WCI to manipulate the Board of Pelican Landing?
Well, just look at what is going on!
Changes to our documents used to be a monumental task but this board treats changes as though they are editing an insignificant to-do list.
Recently this Board voted to increasing the number of guests on the beach from 480 to 600 with no discussion about how to transport more people despite the wait lines last season at both the beach parking lot as well as the beach park boat shuttle.
And now this?

Who Authorized this Monumental Change to our Documents and the Beach?

In the latest email from “The Board”,the PLCA cites the April, 2014 meeting. The email does not state, nor do the minutes record, a motion, a board decision and a board vote to proceed with a zoning request. There is no recorded vote by the board to initiate food and beverage service of the type requested in the zoning application. This is a monumental change in our documents and historic practices at the beach, and it lacks full, resident participation and discussion.

Time to Rev Up this Blog for Yet Another Battle with the Board of the PLCA

This is sad. Unfortunately, we need to shine some light upon and bring some attention to some very unfortunate goings on here in our Pelican Landing Paradise. While this is a most beautiful community that we love, unfortunately, the most current board of directors does not seem to be doing a very good job of protecting the interests of the residents … or of letting us know what the heck they have been up to!

So, let’s bring it on and get the information out to the many residents who do not have an understanding of the shenanigans this board is promoting. Their actions may prove harmful in the long run and they have been acting “out of the sunshine”.

Let’s bring light upon the issues at hand that the board of directors have deliberately kept secret. OK?

Let it rip. (and you can do so anonymously)


At 9 a.m. this Tuesday (7/22) in Bonita Springs City Hall there will be a hearing to allow the public to be heard regarding a change in the zoning at the beach which would permit the Hyatt to serve HARD LIQUOR and have LIVE MUSIC at OUR BEACH.

This hearing is pursuant to an application submitted by the PLCA (on 5/29) to change the beach zoning. The approximately 100 page application contains the following language submitted by the PLCA;

“This request will, if granted,…allow music and the availability of beverages including alcoholic beverages”.

The application further states that “It is PRESENTLY (emphasis added) contemplated that the alcoholic beverages will consist of beer and wine BUT (emphasis added) this request INCLUDES A REQUEST TO PERMIT ALL ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (including) TRADITIONAL ISLAND STYLE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (emphasis added)

As for music, the application states that it ‘ includes acoustic as well as amplified music …(and) (t)he music contemplated is for either LIVE, ISLAND STYLE SOLO OR SMALL GROUP PERFORMANCES (emphasis added) or pre-recorded play…”

Although the alcoholic beverages will only be sold to PLCA members and guests and Hyatt ” guests” (whoever they are?), the Hyatt ( a profit making entity) will completely operate, enforce, monitor and control the sale and distribution of the alcoholic beverages.

If the prospect of having a Ft. Meyers beach style bar with mojitos, margaritas and live steel band music serving an unspecified clientele (think of the many boaters who land on our island) is what you want for our beach then sit back and relax because the Bonita Springs City zoning staff has given it its seal of approval. If not then voice your objection at the meeting this Tuesday at 9 a.m. at Bonita Springs City Hall.